Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surf's Up !!!

The time is now.

Time to relax. Sit back and enjoy the past and future... every moment, every experience squeezing the juice of life into being the character contained in observing this very moment.

I met Bobby O Bahama many years ago, on ONE of the worlds most beautiful beaches. I was on vacation from the hectic mundane common life that i was lost within.

It was early morning, i couldn't sleep after being owaken from a dream at four in the morning so i got out of the soft comfortable feather like bed and headed out the beautiful small hotel apartment into the new day. Towards the beach i wandered and roamed.

The year had brought a lot of revelations to me. For the first time in my life i had made the decision to register to vote and become political active and vote for the first time. As a young student, i had mastered the art of politics without effort or without desire to really know and understand the heart of the game. When graduation arrived the decision to never attend another meeting and give up all organizational leadership roles was simple, easy and natural.

When i decided to step up and into the game of the art of politics, i began my study of all the canidates that were actively running for the top office. I believed in my heart that the time had arrived to give the position to a women, as our culture had always been so out of balance, some female energy was bound to improve upon the situation at hand.

Then i heard the word "empowerment" ...empowerment ...EMPOWERMENT ..WOW...what would that mean for me? As an artist, my intellectual imagination and my heart bound intuitive genius became abducted by the concept of "empowerment" was love at first sight, first connection, first embrace, first sense of the look, sound and meaning of the word. I fell deep deep and deeper into the idea, concept and belief of the word.

Okay, so i had the key to the White House, would did that mean to me? Days and weeks and full juicy vibrant moments were filled with prayers, contemplations and meditations on gathering together of my intellectual-emotional-spatial intelligence in experiencing my combined and integrated intuitive geniusness of knowing...what it was that would be my special gift and talent, my special mission and purpose in having the key to the White House. I was fully, totally and completely engrossed in the new game of playing the art of politics.